Securing highly valued skills, experience and abilities throughout the Orana region of NSW.

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We’re building a bank of talent to help connect regional businesses and organisations to the amazing talent on the ground throughout the Orana region of NSW.

Supported by RDA Orana – the initiative will help develop partnerships, open doors to new opportunities, and assist in the region’s growth and development.

The Vault Talent Bank has been established to create connections between businesses and organisations with skilled professionals in their field who live and work in the Orana region.

We’re looking for independent contractors, freelancers, specialists and advisors to help fill skill gaps or just be the right person, who shares the same passion, ambition and values as the businesses searching for them.

The platform will offer a network of skilled people who are passionate about what they do, and have a proven track record in their field, working with regional, rural and remote businesses and organisations to assist them with a wide-ranging skillset.

There is no limit to the expertise required for a contractor or sole trader within the region (apart from an ABN) – the more specialists we have to offer the greater the benefit for regional businesses in the Orana.

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