The priority for the RDA Orana is to promote jobs for Australians first, however, in regional Australia there is a strong need for improved access to overseas workers on a sustainable basis where occupations and positions are not able to be filled from the Australian labour market.

The Orana DAMA is an agreement between the RDA Orana and the Federal Government that allows employers operating in the Orana, Central West, Southern Inland, Murray and Riverina RDA regions to access a broader range of occupations than standard skilled migration avenues, and with numerous concessions including experience, age, and in some cases salary and English. These arrangements help employers attract and retain the right people to our regions on a sustainable basis, where they have not been able to fill positions from the Australian labour market.

Employers requesting endorsement must have operations in the Designated Area, and the position/s being sought must be located within the operations of the employer within the Designated area.