Narromine Shire

Narromine Shire Tree Lined Street
Imperial Hotel Trangie

Narromine is an important rural service centre located on the Mitchell Highway and the Macquarie River at the eastern edge of the western plains of New South Wales. Narromine promotes itself as the ‘Town of Champions’ because of the large number of international sports stars who have grown up in the town.

Narromine offers a community that embraces a way of life that provides the perfect balance between work and lifestyle. Narromine Shire provides an attractive option for those seeking a better lifestyle, whether it is reduced travel time, a relaxed rural lifestyle or the ability to spend more time with their families.

Significant opportunities exist in freight and logistics, with Inland Rail planned to intersect with existing rail freight infrastructure at Narromine. Narromine is an aviation hub, with gliding and aviation related development around Narromine Aerodrome, including Skypark, a residential aviation precinct.

Narromine Shire Population
Population: 5,785
Local Businesses
Local Businesses: 939
Local Jobs
Local Jobs: 2,188 (4%)
Climate: 7-37oC
Median Rent
Median Rent: $330pw
Median House Price
Median Property Prices: $273,750

Top Industries

  • Agriculture
  • Healthcare
  • Education


  • Cobb & Co Heritage Trail
  • Gin Weir
  • Goobang National Park
  • Narromine’s charming Iris Farm
  • The Narromine Aerodrome
  • Trangie