Drought Community Project

Drought Community Project
Drought Community Project

RDA Orana is the lead organisation for the Future Drought Fund’s Helping Regional Communities Prepare for Drought Community Impact Program.

Eight projects were funded by the Drought Preparedness Program across the Central West and Orana region:

  • Coonamble Chamber of Commerce Incorporated - Wellbeing Changemaker Assistance Program
  • Hovells Creek Landcare Group Incorporated - Building Community Networks, Community Support and Resilience to Drought Through Social and Learning Activities
  • Oriscon Incorporated - Creating Connections Project
  • Tradies IN Sight - NSW Real Reconnections Tour
  • Voices of Women Incorporated - EMBRACE: Voices of Women Dubbo
  • Watershed Landcare Group Incorporated - Empowering Watershed Women
  • Watershed Landcare Group Incorporated - Holistically Strengthening the Capabilities and Resilience of our Rural Community
  • Western Rural Connect Inc. - Western Rural Connect Networking and Development Events

The initiatives target different demographics within the local communities of the region, allowing a broader impact on more people. Initiatives focus on many different segmentsfrom migrant communities to women. The programs are taking place across many different parts of the region, from Cobar in the west to the more easterly Weddin Shire to ensure each of the LGA’s within the region have the opportunity to prepare for drought and strengthen resilience for future dry periods. By using local delivery partners who know their communities well, the initiatives have been developed based on the community’s direct needs and will drive local action.