RDA Orana Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) 

Skilled migrants are a steadily growing force in the Australian economy. With many industries experiencing critical skill and labour shortages across Australia, temporary skilled migrants have become central to supporting and supplementing the local workforce. The RDA Orana DAMA is helping to open the doors for migrant workers within the Orana region to meet the local labour market needs.

What is the RDA Orana DAMA

The Regional Development Australia Orana Designated Area Migration Agreement, or RDA Orana DAMA, is a five-year, employer-sponsored visa program agreement between the Regional Development Australia Orana (RDA Orana) region and the Australian Government. 

It gives local employers a way to bring onboard overseas workers who are highly skilled in specified industries.

The RDA Orana DAMA isn’t about promoting migrant employment instead of local employment. In fact, RDA Orana strongly encourages employers to offer positions to Australians first wherever possible. The RDA Orana DAMA is simply there to supplement the local workforce in response to the skills shortages in the area.

While there are other paths available to address these skill shortages, such as training and education programs, these options are often nowhere near fast enough. One of the key benefits of having a strong temporary skilled migrant program within Australia is how quickly and efficiently we can respond to these labour and skill shortages.

It can take Australians years to achieve the same qualifications that overseas workers already hold. In the meantime, temporary skilled workers can offer high-quality and highly relevant expertise immediately.

The RDA Orana DAMA allows local employers to employ skilled migrants where needed, bringing valuable skillsets and unique perspectives to the workforce.