Circular Australia CEO Lisa McLean a keynote speaker at Orana Outlook Forum

06 November 2023

Circular Australia CEO Lisa McLean a keynote speaker at Orana Outlook Forum

Building a regional circular economy, the opportunities available and why regional businesses need to change business-as-usual habits of take, make and waste behaviour will be the topics of discussion at the upcoming Orana Outlook Forum by keynote speaker, Circular Australia CEO, Lisa McLean.

Hosted by Regional Development Australia (RDA) Orana and supported by The Stable, Ms Mclean is one of many speakers who will be presenting at the forum on 17 November 2023.

With a focus on creating a sustainable future, Ms McLean said the circular economy was not just about managing waste but about systems transition.

“Australia has the third highest material consumption rate in the world (38 tonnes/capita), well above the global average (12 tonnes/capita). Australia landfills 20 million tonnes (27%) of waste per year compared to 2% in the Netherlands,” she said.

“Solar panels, electronics, white goods, textiles, appliances and organics destined for landfill, contain valuable and usable resources. For example, there is now more gold and silver in a tonne of iPhones, than a tonne of ore from a gold or silver mine.”

Ms Mclean said every single sector – business, government, community and customer, had a role to play by changing their behaviour, changing supply chains to design out waste, while still getting what they needed, but not always by consuming and throwing away.

“For Circular Australia, success relies on three principles, designing waste and pollution out of the existing system, keeping products and materials in use and at their highest value, and regenerating natural ecosystems.”

The Orana Outlook Forum aims to provide an economic update that will incite confidence in the region and its businesses. The day will include a range of speakers showcasing industry updates and views on the future development of the region including:

Join us at the Orana Outlook Forum on 17 November 2023, for an exciting event highlighting the future prospects of the Orana Region. Tickets close on 10 November 2023!