How can Regional NSW Thrive in a Zero-emissions Future?

01 June 2023

How can Regional NSW Thrive in a Zero-emissions Future?


What are the opportunities and how can regional NSW thrive in a zero-emissions future? This is the question being posed at the Resources, Energy and Industry Innovation Forum (REIIF) to be held in Dubbo from 6-9 June.

A powerhouse of thought leaders, scientists, inventors, industry and government representatives will share their knowledge and insights on what the future of regional NSW could look like if it embraces and adopts new energy efficient technologies.

Dubbo Rhino Lodge

Day 1:
Tuesday 6 June 2023 - 8 am or morning tea break (10.30 am)
Speakers available include

Day 3:
Thursday 8 June 2023 - 8 am or morning tea break (10.30 am)

  • CEO and Director of Regional Development Australia (RDA) Orana, Megan Dixon
  • Keynote speaker -  Rewiring Australia, Managing Director, Kate Minter
  • NSW Minerals Council, CEO, Stephen Galilee

Speaker overview:
Investment NSW, Modern Manufacturing Commissioner, Lisa Emerson
Lisa will discuss the key findings from the Modern Manufacturing taskforce report, key observations to date and a planned approach for the Modern Manufacturing Strategy.

Lavo, Industry Specialist, Michael Sharpe
Michael will be discussing green energy storage and manufacturing with renewable energy, using new technologies in hydrogen. 

Schneider Electric, Business Development Manager, Hersh Joshi
Hersh will speak about the latest technological advancement in power distribution/ protection, process automation and their contribution to overall business efficiency, as well as convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) resulting in new markets and workforce.

Rewiring Australia, Managing Director, Kate Minter
Kate will discuss the opportunities of electrification and why community collaboration will drive investment in the future as well as highlighting the barriers to overcome in electrifying our towns and suburbs?

NSW Minerals Council, CEO, Stephen Galilee
Stephen will provide an overview of how the NSW mining sector is reducing its emissions in line with broader NSW emissions reduction efforts and discuss some of the key challenges facing the NSW mining sector.

Please refer to the REIIF program for further information on sessions and speakers.


Resources, Energy & Industry Innovation Forum (REIIF)
Date: 6-9 June 2023
Time: 8.30-9.30 pm
Location: Dubbo Rhino Lodge
Learn about Regional Delelopment Australia (RDA) Orana:

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